WWF explained the gathering of polar bears near the village in Chukotka

© RIA Novosti / Faith to Contemperary in fotobanka bear with cubs. Archival photo.WWF explained the gathering of polar bears near the village in Chukotka© RIA Novosti / Faith to Contemoporary the image Bank

The gathering of polar bears near the village of ryrkaypiy in Chukotka climate change — due to the lack of ice, the predators can’t hunt the seals, told RIA Novosti coordinator of the project on biodiversity in the Arctic world wildlife Fund (WWF) of Russia Mikhail Stishov.

As previously reported, about 20 polar bears with cubs wandering near a village awaiting the arrival of the ice and sometimes «out of curiosity» go to town. Residents have to scare off predators.

«In recent years, unfortunately, it has become quite a typical situation. This indirect impact of climate change. Ice was not enough, and the bears need the ice, they are adapted to catch seals from ice. And now the sea is open, so they walk on the shore,» — said Stishov.

According to him, in recent years, every autumn the bears come to the village to a greater or lesser number.

As told RIA Novosti the head of the «Bear patrol» in the village of ryrkaypiy Tatyana Minenko, deter bears from the village, they will have a feed point, so that they are not close to housing.

«Clean the coast from walrus carcasses that remain on the rookeries. We agree with the administration, with the military, with the civilian population, collect carcasses of dead walruses and organize multiple feed points, the bears back away. One of the points about a kilometer away from the village, so it is easier to look after these predators,» said Minenko.