A resident of the Kursk region filled apartment neighbors mercury

© Photo : Alexander Ponemos MercuryA resident of the Kursk region filled apartment neighbors mercury© Photo : Alexander Ponemos

MOSCOW, February 7 — RIA Novosti. A resident of the city Lgov Kursk region for 12 years kept in the attic of mercury and filled her apartment neighbors. About it reports «Curst».

The incident occurred in the town house in which two families live. Neighbors of the perpetrator of the incident, returned home to find that the walls and the furniture of one room covered with mercury. The victims called the emergency services.

Arrived on a call police officers gathered up the balls of mercury as evidence. Employees of chemical-radiometric laboratory found that the indicators exceeded the permissible values by ten times.

The perpetrator of the incident insists that the mercury got to the apartment the neighbors by accident. According to him, he acquired it 12 years ago, all this time kept on a common attic, no dangerous fumes did not notice, and when he decided to carry her out of the house, tripped and knocked over the container.

The victims do not believe that mercury was in their apartment by chance, as installed in the attic hatch. «If I tripped, she would be all in the attic. It is necessary to remove the hatch top, and fill it — that’s the way we have it proved,» — said the victim.

Materials of check are transferred in Investigatory Committee.