Alexei Ostrovsky: Smolensk region plans to create meets all the requirements of the world APK village

© photo press service of the administration of Smolensk oblastyami the Smolensk region Alexei OstrovskyAlexei Ostrovsky: Smolensk region plans to create meets all the requirements of the world APK village© photo press service of the administration of Smolensk region

Agro-industrial complex of Smolensk region — one of the most important sectors of the economy. The regional authorities provide comprehensive support to farmers. About what has been done and what is planned in the field of agriculture in an interview with RIA Novosti said the Governor of the Smolensk region Alexei Ostrovsky.

— Annually on the development of agriculture in the administration of the Smolensk region allocates about 2% of the regional budget. State support to agricultural producers, including peasant (farmer) economy, is target-programme principle for co-financing at the expense of regional and Federal budgets. In particular, the money allocated for technical re-equipment of farms and the introduction of a new, high-tech equipment to support crop and livestock production. In the livestock sector a priority for us is to support dairy cattle breeding, namely measures aimed at improving productivity in dairy farming, the maintenance of high producing dairy cows, the increase of livestock dairy cows, recovery of cattle from the leukemia virus. In 2019 it is planned to preserve the main directions of state support. Realizing the importance of supporting the dairy industry, on my behalf next year will be implemented a new kind of state support. This support is aimed at maintaining farms with an average productivity of cows in the herd less than 3.5 thousand kg of milk per year.

In addition, at the expense of the regional budget for young professionals working in agricultural organizations and peasant (farmer) farms are granted one-time regional state allowance in the amount of 210 thousand rubles, and for the first three years of operation produced a monthly addition to the base salary in the amount of from one to three thousand rubles.

I also want to note that the region is Smolensk regional Fund of entrepreneurship support to agricultural producers, which, in particular, provides microloans in the amount of three million rubles for the production development. In addition, the Fund provides guarantees for loans, and Advisory services.

— Budgetary and private investment are a critical determinant of agricultural development. The administration of the Smolensk region has been actively promoting the implementation of major investment projects in this sector. Regional authorities provide assistance in the formation of investment platforms, providing investors with various benefits (exemption from property tax, reduction in tax rates on profit tax), implementation of the action plan (road map) for implementation of project investment project management.

In addition, from the regional budget allocated funds for the construction of the necessary engineering and technical base for implementation of investment projects. Well as investors implementing projects in the field of agriculture, actively use the program of preferential crediting at the rate of 5% per annum.

In addition, investors may obtain state support in the form of reimbursement of direct costs incurred in the creation and modernization of the agricultural sector.

Due to this, the volume of investment in agriculture and food processing increased from 9% in 2012 to 13% in 2017. Over the past six years, the region has implemented 20 large investment projects on construction and modernization of objects of agricultural production with a total investment of over 15 billion rubles. It was created 750 new jobs. To date, the region initiated and continues to implement several major investment projects (in hothouse vegetable growing, flax growing, horticulture) totaling more than six billion rubles.

Today most of the farms of Smolensk region as a priority area, bringing the main income is dairy farming, which involved more than two hundred agricultural companies and farms, accounting for 60% of all active agricultural enterprises. What are the prospects for the development of this agricultural industry?

Unfortunately, the absence in the region of the necessary facilities for processing of milk leads to the fact that large volumes of products (53% of the total) are exported outside the region. In this regard, we focus on the development of milk processing, including in the framework of consumer cooperative societies. Today our main task is to increase the production of milk, increasing the competitiveness of dairy products of local producers to agro-food markets.

I want to note that the principled position of the regional authorities is to maintain production at sites formerly owned enterprises — bankrupts.

So, resumed work at the production facilities of the bankrupt MUP koschino. Today the shop processes eight tons of milk per day and Smolyan provides a large range of quality dairy products. The company has created more than 20 jobs. It is the region’s first large-scale project on development of agricultural cooperation in the field of dairy farming.

At the beginning of this year opened SPSK «Smolenskiy farmer», based on which the planned creation of a wholesale distribution center, whose task is Association Smolensk farmers to implement farm products in the trade network and budget institutions, without intermediaries, which will provide farms with additional income.

The administration of the region and dalneyschem will support is an important direction of development of agrarian business.

It should be noted that the main factor of further growth of the agribusiness sector in our region is the possibility of increasing its sales. This year a single regional trade brand «Molprodukt», which aims to unite local producers and in effect under the General trademark to take our goods on the international agrofood markets, including international.

This summer, the Smolensk region hosted the first in Russia «all-Russian day of flax field — 2018». Is it possible in this connection to speak about the revival of flax production in the region?

— Yes, it was a huge event. It was attended by over six hundred people, of which more than 150 participants from 22 regions of Russia. It was also attended by representatives of foreign States of the Republic of Belarus, people’s Republic of China, and France.

During the panel discussion the participants of the event were announced the strategic directions for further development of the linen complex of the country and necessary measures of state support, allowing to provide high margins as production losira, and the primary and deep processing. The planned collaboration will significantly increase the export potential of the final product, to increase its competitiveness. The participants noted that the implementation of the plans requires comprehensive state support.

Designated Federal strategy has aroused great interest in different subjects of Russia on development of a regional flax complex.

I want to mention that the Smolensk region has become an attractive investment for larger investors. This year, the regional authorities have signed a cooperation agreement with the French holding DEVELOPPEMENT DEHONDT TECHNOLOGIES for the production of flax in the field of equipment and machinery for processing flax. In addition, the company «Russian flax» from January of the current year implements in the Smolensk region the first in over 30 years of investment project for construction of flax, including flax processing 10 thousand tons of flax (straw, processed thermally, biologically or chemically) to the company factory for the production of four thousand tons linolenovoi yarn per year. In the first quarter of 2019 is assigned to the start of the first stage for the production of long and short fibers, and at the end of this year the enterprise will reach its full production capacity.

Based on the above, I believe that the development of ldapresponse in the region is very promising and profitable business.

What are in your opinion the expected results of the work of agriculture in the region in 2018?

In the current year in agriculture, we expect to obtain positive production and financial results. In the field of dynamic beef cattle industry. Increases egg production. Total milk production in the region is projected below last year’s level, so the Administrations taking the necessary measures to support dairy producers, the involvement of major investors. In the current year to last year is expected record for the last 20 years, the harvest of grain and leguminous crops is about 260 thousand tons (in weight after processing). The gross yield of rapeseed is projected at the level of 13 thousand tons against 10 thousand tons last year. The production of potatoes and vegetables stored on the same level as last year.

It is estimated that in 2018 the production of agricultural products in farms of all categories will exceed 23 billion rubles in actual prices, in a comparable assessment to the level of 2017 will amount to 101.4%. From operational and financial activities of the agricultural organization will receive profit in the amount of one billion rubles, while the level of profitability of at least 15%.

What are the main tasks in the sphere of agriculture is put before the authorities of the region?

— The main task of the administration of Smolensk region — to create a new social updated, highly organized, technically and technologically equipped, high-tech and competitive village that meets all the requirements of the global food market can have a significant impact on improving the efficiency of the economy of the Smolensk region and the Central Federal district of the Russian Federation.

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