«Ever heal». A neighborhood of large families at Tuapse remained without water, electricity and roads

© RIA Novosti / Nikolay to Hinakura in photosangelina restoration work on the road bridge over the river Hot«Ever heal». A neighborhood of large families at Tuapse remained without water, electricity and roads© RIA Novosti / Nikolay to Highacidity the image Bank

Village Hot Krasnodar region in late October was in the zone of flooding. Dozens of houses cut off from civilization, people are left without water, electricity and roads. Soon the authorities vel’yaminovskogo settlements reported that the effects are eliminated, all issues have been resolved. However, local residents claim otherwise. People complain that they are forgotten, bridges washed away, and the technique for backfilling roads and have not come — we are talking about two garden associations. In addition, there is a Hot new neighborhood «Mountain valley», built for the 48 families. Water and light are here waiting for since 2013, and now the road is washed away. All this time the tenants are trying to find a common language with the administration, but to no avail.

«Put on boots and go home»

Mother Olga Pavlenko (name changed at her request) every day three kilometers sneaks to his house in the «Mountain valley» — through the woods, the ravines and the river. The bridge connecting the neighborhood to the rest of Pimples, barely hanging on thin beams, they are not yet washed away. To drive it is impossible. Need to go carefully and better one.

«Our bridge is the only way to get to the «Mountain valley» to country partnerships. But as it turned out, he’s not even worth it on the balance and no one to repair it is not going to. If the main part of Pimples do something, there is a technique, that on our side of the works on elimination of consequences of floods are not conducted. In the end we didn’t flood, but cut off from the world. We’re like on an island surrounded by two rivers,» complains Pavlenko.

She States that the flow of water demolished everything in its path: no ravines or berms, one solid bed of the river. Without SUV to get through the forest or the river bed of the impossible: a regular passenger car these routes will not do. «Officials of the district reached only to the middle of the village. And then did not move thought that the river no one lives. They do not know the conditions in which there are people. However, the village leader Alexander Urvantsev sees every day as we put on our boots and go home,» continues Pavlenko.

According to residents, the authorities of the settlement specifically behave as if in «Mountain valley» no one. Olga says that they are a neighborhood problem and has long been a lump in my throat from the officials.

«Connect the jumper cables»

Cherished square meters Pavlenko received as a mother in need of better housing conditions in 2013, the first wave of implementation of the Federal program. For two years the family invested in the construction of all that was: I sold the property, took a loan and with grief in half, erected a log house. All this time, no water, no light in the house under construction was not because local authorities do not summed up the necessary infrastructure. Only in the neighborhood of such sites almost fifty.

Looters and fallen trees

I must say that in the garden Association now to get even more difficult than in «Mountain valley,» there blew the bridge, knocked down trees. One of the locals Denis Drobyshev (name changed at his request) told RIA Novosti that in the cooperatives on a regular basis, lived several families, who are now cut off from the outside world. «Those who live in the far cottages, making their way through the fallen trees. Who could he independently evacuated, but only on the fifth day, when the fall in water level. However long the house will not leave, because it already showed up looters climb in the night and robbed the garden,» he laments.

© Photo courtesy of the locals of the village floods in the village’s Hot Tuapse district of Krasnodar region«Ever heal». A neighborhood of large families at Tuapse remained without water, electricity and roads© Photos provided by local residents of the village floods in the village’s Hot Tuapse district of Krasnodar region
Themselves to blame

The head of the vel’yaminovskogo settlement Urvantseva a different vision of what is happening. He told RIA Novosti that all the issues under control and resolved to the extent possible. In particular, the official stated that before the garden Association he arrives in a car.

Commenting on the problems of the neighborhood «Mountain valley», he said, people at check in were warned that the infrastructure isn’t ready yet.

«But they still insisted,» he said. While Urvantsev said that the problem of creation of conditions of planning were solved, but the flood has made adjustments. After we were asked to give a timetable, the officer hung up and stopped answering calls.

The press service of the Tuapse district administration recommended issuing a formal request and give the time to work through detailed reply.