Governor of the Pacific island of GUAM first elected woman

© Photo : Roscosmos/Anton Scalarvalue GUAM. Archive photoGovernor of the Pacific island of GUAM first elected woman© Photo : Roscosmos/Anton Skallerup

The first woman Governor elected on the Pacific island of GUAM, being a territory of the United States, according to the Guam edition of the Daily Post.

On Wednesday morning there was the first election results. Former Senator Lou Leon Guerrero (Lou Leon Guerrero) with the candidate in Vice-governors Joshua Tenorio scored a 50.7% of the vote, the newspaper writes.

«Today is a great day of celebration for us, our people and, of course, for our supporters. We are satisfied with the results,» said Guerrero.

These elections came 66,3% from 55.9 per thousand registered voters, the publication adds.