In Khakassia in the elections started to work Association observers

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krauledat in photobackgrounds in the regions of Russia. Archival photoIn Khakassia in the elections started to work Association observers© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krajevima the image Bank

The Association of observers, «national public monitoring» began to work for the election of the Governor of Khakassia, the second round which will be held on Saturday, RIA Novosti the Federal coordinator MR. Roman Kolomoitsev.

He noted that at the moment violations that could affect the outcome of the electoral process have not been identified.

«Yes, we will engage in and lead monitoring. Observers at sites will not, because the law on public monitoring in the region is not accepted. One of the organizations that is included in the room, «the Case for clean elections» has signed the agreement even earlier on interaction. Therefore, our representatives go — if any questions are received complaints, then they leave, consider, and our major task is to remove the questions that arise, and to facilitate the exercise of voting rights, nothing to do well,» said Kolomoitsev RIA Novosti on Wednesday.

According to him, at the moment, no violations have been recorded. «While some of the complaints that can affect the results, we have not recorded», — said Kolomoitsev.

He added that MR. has a sufficient number of representatives of the organization in place for quality monitoring. «We have representatives, they connect their members and so on, so we have a sufficient number, the necessary monitoring in place,» concluded Kolomoitsev.

The second round of elections in the Republic of Khakassia is scheduled for November 11. The candidate of the Communist party Valentin Konovalov is the only candidate for the presidency of the region. In the first round of elections on 9 September was attended by the then acting head of Khakassia Victor Zimin (received 32.42% of the vote), Konovalov (44,81%), Andrey Fishin from the CP (at 11.23%) and Alexander Mahar from the Party of growth (6.61 percent). Later Zimin withdrew from the elections, and then became known as Filyagin, which was to participate in the second round along with Konovalov, withdrew his candidacy. The second round of elections was scheduled for October 21. The fifteenth of October, Maher said that will not participate in the second round.