In the state Duma proposed to give the Voronezh airport name Marshak

© Photo : InsiderМеждународный Voronezh airport. Archive photoIn the state Duma proposed to give the Voronezh airport name Marshak© Photo : Insider

The Deputy head of the Duma Committee for education and science Boris Chernyshov (LDPR) proposed to meet the guests at the airport with a song about «a fairy-tale city», and the very air Harbor to be named after Soviet children’s writer and storyteller Samuel Marshak, who was born here.

With this treatment the MP appealed to the head of the air port Alexander Belevich.

«In light of recent events related to the proposal of the Minister of culture V. R. Medinsky to rename in honor of outstanding compatriots, please consider my initiative about assignment to Voronezh airport name Samuil Marshak, a native of Voronezh, Russian poet, playwright and translator», — the Deputy writes in reference to the management of the airport, the text of the letter is at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

According to policy, it will help to increase the tourist attractiveness of the city and the airport.

«With the same purpose in the air port, it will be possible to create a Museum of the famous Voronezh. As welcome guests, passengers and airport staff the best option, in my opinion, are the following lines: «the airport named after S. Marshak, welcome to the fairy-tale city». And as the anthem, you can use the band’s song «Dancing minus» – «the City,» suggested Blackburn.