Kosachev has told, what sees the political system of the United States after the election

© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite in fotoracconti Kosachev. Archival photoKosachev has told, what sees the political system of the United States after the election© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite the image Bank

The US political system after the elections to Congress will become more unbalanced, with a possible start impeachment proceedings for the President of Donald trump, the head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev.

«Sensation has not occurred. The outcome of the elections confirms the main predictions. Of course, both sides will now present the results as its own victory,» — said Kosachev to journalists on Wednesday.

«But I’m afraid in the end the losers will be the American political system will become even more unbalanced and unpredictable, right up to attempts to start the impeachment proceedings, and that part of the world, which consciously or unconsciously is based on the American internal political dismantlings», — concluded the MP.

According to Kosachev, in the fact that the elections will become a referendum for or against the incumbent President, no one doubted – including the Donald trump who said: «My name isn’t on the ballot, but a referendum of me.»

The Senator recalled that the preliminary statistics were against trump. «However, the same predicted two years ago in the presidential election, but Trump managed to refute all the predictions, so much so that his opponents still do not believe and investigate some kind of external intervention. Secondly, now trump could result in their favor not only promises, but real results of his rule, growth and income, low unemployment rate,» Kosachev wrote in Facebook.

In his opinion, the division of wards between Republicans and Democrats, on the one hand, gives a lot of cards in the hands of the White house. «This applies, above all, appointments to key positions and foreign policy. If the Democrats manage to take control of the Senate, they could block all-purpose trump the Supreme court, the Federal judiciary and to positions of leadership in the administration, especially on foreign policy positions, as well as to slow down the conclusion of trade agreements. That is trump’s foreign policy would be completely paralyzed,» — said the MP.

However, the internal threats to trump continues: a majority in the House of representatives, the Democrats still can start impeachment proceedings and head of the parliamentary Commission on investigation of possible collusion trump with Russia on presidential election of 2016, does not rule out the Senator. «But can begin a comprehensive investigation of the committees of the chamber in relation to many other White house actions, including administrative changes and immigration politics,» he added.

However, even reliance on one «leg» leaves the positions of trump’s very strong, said Kosachev. «For the Democrats relied on a complete failure, and it became clear that the nation remains divided and the trump is still popular and strong,» — the politician concluded.

On Tuesday in the United States are elected 35 senators out of 100, of which only eight seats previously occupied by Republicans. Meanwhile, the Republicans have a majority of 51 seats in the Senate and will retain a working majority even if they lose one place: in the scenario 50: 50 Vice-President Mike Pence will be able to vote in virtue of his office President of the Senate. Democrats to obtain control of the Senate, we need at least 51 votes.