Maduro bought a savings certificate in the cryptocurrency Petro

© AFP 2018 / Federico Reggaesize of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro during the ceremony the launch of cryptocurrency Petro. Archival photoMaduro bought a savings certificate in the cryptocurrency Petro© 2018 AFP / Federico Parra

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro along with his wife Celia Flores on Tuesday live local television bought a savings certificate in the Venezuelan bitcoin Peter.

«I came to invest their annual bonus in one month (the total annual premium in Venezuela is the average three-month salary – approx. ed.) to buy a single certificate in Petro, investing in savings,» said Maduro.

He also announced a feature that will allow you to exchange these certificates for foreign currency.

«Everyone who invests from 6 November to 31 December savings certificates in Petro will be able to freely convert these Petro in the world of cryptocurrency or any freely convertible currency of the world,» said the Venezuelan President.

Petro was released into circulation on the 20th of February, is the first cryptocurrency provided by oil. Thus, Venezuela became the first country with its own cryptocurrency. Previously, President Maduro has determined the cost of one of Petro in the price of a barrel of Venezuelan oil, or $ 60 (3.6 thousand new sovereign bolivars).