Republican brown leading in Indiana in the Senate election

© AP Photo / John Locher midterm elections in the U.S. Congress. 06.11.2018Republican brown leading in Indiana in the Senate election© AP Photo / John Locher

Candidates from the Republican party USA Mike brown is leading in Indiana in the elections to the Senate.

After processing half of the ballots, brown is gaining 55.6 per cent of the votes, while his opponent, incumbent democratic Senator, Joe Donnelly of 40.3%.

Before the election, a slight preference sociologists have given to the Democrat, believing that he will score 50.6% of the votes.

Defeat Donnelly is extremely difficult for the Democrats the opportunity to gain a majority in the Senate.

During the election, be re-elected for a term of two years the entire house of representatives (435 members) and 35 of 100 senators, each of which operates for six years. Currently, both chambers controlled by Republicans. In addition, dozens of States held gubernatorial elections.