The Communists commented on the decision Ishchenko go for elections as an independent candidate

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Incomerate in fotoracconti in governors of Primorski Krai from the Communist party, the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Primorye Andrey IshchenkoThe Communists commented on the decision Ishchenko go for elections as an independent candidate© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Uncovereth the image Bank

Seaside Communists declared that the Communist party member Andrei Ishchenko did not coordinate the decision to go on elections of the Governor of Primorye as an independent candidate, but stick in the wheel insert they will not think that other colleagues in the party Ishchenko support.

Last week the regional branch of the Communist party at the party conference decided not to nominate a candidate for election of the Governor of Primorye. According to Ishchenko, due to the fact that the party does not recognize the cancellation of the results of the September elections. On Wednesday, the electoral Commission said that participated in the September elections of the head of Primorye Ishchenko went as an independent candidate in the new elections of the Governor which will take place on December 16. A Communist himself confirmed this information in his account in Instagram.

«I think this is one of the two possible options to resolve the situation and Ishchenko, and for the party. On good it was necessary to gather a party conference to reconsider the decision of 3 October in favor Ishchenko. But if not, the option remains more difficult is to go Ishchenko as an independent candidate. I will support it, I believe that most members of the party in the region will support and help», — told RIA Novosti the Deputy of legislative Assembly of the province, member of the Communist party Vladimir Bespalov.

I agree with him a colleague in the legislative Assembly and the party Artem Samsonov. «It’s his decision, Ishchenko with the Committee was not agreed to. Stick in the wheel to bet he won’t, if you decide to go the independent candidate – all the responsibility on him. I will support him,» said Samsonov.

Earlier, the election Committee of Primorye, on the recommendation of the CEC of Russia has recognized the results of elections of the head region is invalid. Former acting Governor of the Primorsky territory Andrei Tarasenko declared that considers correct the decision to cancel the election results. Ishchenko has expressed readiness to challenge the results in the three territories, Ussuriysk, Artyom and Nakhodka, and only filed more than 30 lawsuits. Through regional court Ishchenko tried to appeal the decision of the electoral Commission on the recognition of election results invalid. The court on 12 October rejected the lawsuit, Communist appealed the decision to the Supreme court of Russia.