Bortnikov said the situation with the FSB access to the encryption keys Telegram

© AFP 2018 / Yuri KadobnovЛоготип Telegram messenger. Archival photoBortnikov said the situation with the FSB access to the encryption keys Telegram© AFP 2018 / Yuri Kadobnov

The situation with the issue of FSB access to the encryption keys of the messenger Telegram remains difficult due to the fact that his company-the owner is not willing to assist the security forces in the fight against terrorism, told reporters the Director of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov.

«If we’re talking about Telegram, I would like to say that the situation is difficult from the point of view of understanding the owners of the company necessary to assist agencies struggling with terrorism,» Bortnikov said on Thursday the results held in Moscow on 17-th meeting of heads of special services, security agencies and law enforcement bodies of foreign States – partners of FSB.

He recalled that the owner of the company Telegram earlier refused to grant the FSB access to the encryption keys, arguing that it was unable to violate the rights of users and promising yourself «clean» on-the-record chats. However, according to the Telegram, about five thousand Russians of the number of users of the messenger has committed acts that indicate that they belong to terrorist organizations, Bortnikov said.

«The question then arises, please give us this information (about these people), we took into account. Do not give the same as it is paradoxical,» said the Director of the FSB.

«We need to continue this work to find consensus and understanding of the parties to assist in providing security,» — said Bortnikov.

With regard to access to encryption keys of other instant messengers — WhatsApp and Viber, according to Bortnikov, «where there is a possibility that it is not.»

The head of the FSB noted that the issue of terrorist use messengers to coordinate their activities was discussed at the last meeting.

Roskomnadzor from the middle of April carries a lock Telegram in Russia in accordance with the decision of the Tagansky court of Moscow from-for refusal to give the FSB the keys to decrypt user messages. The Telegram argument is that it is technically impossible, the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov called craftiness.