CNN correspondent lost his pass to the White house after the altercation with trump

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Agresivitate in fotobabbles house in Washington. Archival photoCNN correspondent lost his pass to the White house after the altercation with trump© RIA Novosti / Alexei Agresivitate the image Bank

The white house announced the suspension of the accreditation of a permanent correspondent of CNN Jim Acosta after his Association with Donald trump at a press conference on Wednesday, where the President criticized the journalist and considered his behavior rude.

«President trump believes in a free press and expects and welcomes the sharp questions in his address and in the administration. However, we will not tolerate that a journalist touched the girl who is just trying to perform my duties as an Intern in the White house… as a result of today’s incident, White house suspends standing accreditation involved in this journalist until further notice,» wrote Thursday in his Twitter press Secretary of the trump Sarah Sanders.

The name Acosta in a statement not directly named, but from the description it is clear that we are talking about it. During the press conference, Acosta asked Trump about why he calls the invasion of approaching the border of the so-called caravan of migrants from Mexico, since they haven’t even reached the territory of the United States. Trump responded, but Acosta continued to ask clarifying questions. After an exchange of remarks, the President said that will no longer answer questions from Acosta, as he asked enough of them. However, the reporter continued to ask.

At this time he was approached by the girl that gave you the microphone in the hall, and tried to take him, but Acosta ducked, and when she managed to grab the microphone, pulled it back. Only after some hesitation he agreed to part with him.

Trump then called it a «gross, awful man» on charges including contempt of colleagues who also want to ask your questions.

The same day CNN made a statement that «the incessant attacks of the President on the press has gone too far.»

«They are not only dangerous, but suspiciously not American. Although President trump, and hinted that does not respect a free press, he swore to protect her», — stated in the message channel.

In response, Sanders said that trump «is more accessible to the press than any President in history.» Behavior Acosta she called impermissible and, like trump, have accused him of disrespect for colleagues.

«Contrary to statements by CNN there is no better demonstration that the President supports a free press than the event which he had today,» said Sanders, adding that for a half hour he answered 68 questions of representatives of 35 media, including several issues Acosta.

Deprivation Acosta permanent accreditation does not mean that he will not be able to go to the White house. For this he will have to obtain one-time pass and order it in advance, but his move at the White house with this pass will be limited.

Conflict of trump with the media

Trump is not the first time conflicts with Acosta, they communicate regularly in a tense manner. Exactly Acosta was one of the first journalists that trump began to call the authors of «fake news» being dissatisfied with the coverage of his campaign.

In late October, about 200 journalists have signed a letter condemning the attacks trump at media. The signatories described his behavior as «unconstitutional, anti-American, completely illegal, unworthy of a U.S. President and the leader of the free world.» Among the signatories were representatives from TV channels like ABC, CNN, CBS and other media.

The American leader is in conflict with a number of media, calling them «enemies of the people» and the authors of «fake news». Media in response criticize trump and publish regular leaks from the White house with incriminating information.