Coastal fishermen are asking Putin not to return to the auction system of quotas on extraction of a crab

© RIA Novosti / Fishing kaboulov crabs. Archival photoCoastal fishermen are asking Putin not to return to the auction system of quotas on extraction of a crab© RIA Novosti / catching crabs

Primorskaya KRAEVAYA organizatsiya profsoyuza RABOTNIKOV of fisheries has sent President Vladimir Putin an appeal in which asks to prevent a return to the auction system of distribution of quotas on extraction of a crab, according to the Federation of trade unions of Primorsky Krai.

According to the authors of the document, under the action of auction quotas in 2001-2003 fishing enterprises went bankrupt or folded social programs, fishermen are not timely received wages.

«Practice of implementation of such auctions in the early 2000s has caused irreparable damage to the industry of the country… In conditions of deficiency of the Federal budget auction at the crab quotas we perceive as just the beginning. Nobody can give guarantees that after the auction will not go Pollock, herring, and other fish. And then there is the fishing companies clearly do not care about social support of workers,» — said the Chairman of the Maritime regional organization of labor Union of employees of fisheries Vladimir Nagorny.

According to him, «all resources will be directed to save money for the auctions». «Repeat auction fever, vzbalamutil industry, we do not want», — he stressed.

2018 ends the validity of quotas for catch of aquatic biological resources, which was distributed in 2008 for ten years. The contracts of «historical principle» — based on the volume of catch of the companies for previous periods.

In 2018, the new quotas of fish you are going to distribute on the «historical principle» for 15 years. 20% quota is planned to transfer for investment purposes, including the construction of ships for fishermen.

At the same time, the Russian authorities are discussing the abandonment of the historic principle of distribution of quotas on vylov crabs and transition to their results in the framework of auctions. The «road map» for the development of competition in sectors of the Russian economy, which was approved by the government of the Russian Federation, suggests that 50% of the volume of quotas of extraction of a crab, previously distributed on the «historical principle», will be distributed through an auction in an electronic form.

Earlier the Deputy head of the Agency Peter Savchuk reported that the government receives no response from the current form of distribution of quotas on extraction of a crab in Russia.