Gordeev estimated the prospects of cooperation of Russia and Germany

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Goneeverything in fotobelka Gordeev. Archival photoGordeev estimated the prospects of cooperation of Russia and Germany© RIA Novosti / Sergey Goneeverything the image Bank

Russia is ready to offer its partners a number of new directions for cooperation, including the production of rare earth metals, cooperation in the field of petrochemical, energy efficiency and conservation, told reporters in the press service of Deputy Prime Minister.

As the representative of the Deputy Prime Minister, in the framework of the working visit to Berlin Gordeev made a presentation on the main plenary session of the XI Russian-German feedstock forum dedicated to the discussion of problems and prospects of cooperation between countries in the commodity area, and held a number of meetings, including with the Minister of economy and energy, Germany Peter Altmaier.

«The main conclusion of a series of negotiations – despite the introduction of some restrictive measures and sanctions, close cooperation between Russia and Germany in the commodity area economically beneficial to both countries, especially in the field of ecological safety», — noted in press service.

In a speech at the plenary session the Deputy Prime Minister pointed out that raw materials conference has become an influential platform where discussions on the effective use of raw materials, reducing the burden on the environment, expansion of business ties between the business communities of Russia and Germany.

«The Deputy Prime Minister also spoke about Russia’s plans to offer its partners a number of new areas for cooperation, including mining of rare earth metals, the introduction of modern technologies associated with the intelligent extraction of minerals and disposal of waste of extractive industries cooperation in the field of petrochemical, energy efficiency and energy saving, extension German localization of production in Russia», — said the press service of the Gordeeva.

In turn, Peter Altmaier emphasized the importance of further gas cooperation with Russia and Germany’s commitment to the project «Northern stream-2», describing it as a strategically important and necessary project. The representative of the Deputy Prime Minister noted that, according to the Minister, Russia is and will remain an important partner of Germany in the energy sector. In the coming years, Germany will only increase gas purchases in Russia in connection with a reduction in European production and a gradual phase-out of nuclear energy and coal production.