In Croatia, a monument to anti-fascist broke his leg pushed his vandal

© Flickr / the_junesСплит and the surrounding area. Archival photoIn Croatia, a monument to anti-fascist broke his leg pushed his vandal© Flickr / the_junes

In Croatia, the vandals destroyed the monument to the hero of the anti-fascist resistance of Yugoslavia Parliament and Concaro, receiving a broken leg, according to Sputnik Srbija.

The incident took place in Bačvice, a suburb of split, on the night of the seventh of November. The police said that the attacker knocked the sculpture to the ground with the pedestal. The construction, however, fell on his foot and crushed.

Vandal was admitted against him was opened criminal proceedings. Authorities have established his identity, but these data are not disclosed. Unofficially it is known that it is man aged about sixty years.

Mislili ste da je gotovo? E nije — komunistički teror i dalje traje. Poštenog Hrvata je noćas u Splitu ozlijedio Rade Končar. To jest, njegova bista. via @TelegramHR #politikahr

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In the office of the mayor of split stated that it strongly condemns the destruction of the monument.

«We are convinced that this act committed by an irresponsible person and does not Express the opinion of citizens in a free and tolerant of split who condemn such vandalism and savagery. We believe that competent authorities will take measures to punish guilty», — quotes Tportal.the hr message of the city hall.

Local authorities promised to restore the monument in its original form.

The head of the city branch of the Social democratic party Goran Kotur reminded that this is not the first anti-fascist monument that was destroyed in Croatia. According to him, since 1990, «unknown perpetrators» threw about three thousand monuments, not fearing that any of them will be detected and punished.

Rade Koncar is a Croatian Communist guerrillas. After the German attack on Yugoslavia organized the anti-fascist resistance against the German and Italian forces under his leadership was carried out a series of attacks and sabotage. In November 1941 Koncara captured by the Italians and in may of the following year shot. He was posthumously awarded the title of people’s hero of Yugoslavia.