In India, 50 people were injured during the celebration of the «festival of lights»

© Flickr / meg and rahulСкорая assistance in India. Archival photoIn India, 50 people were injured during the celebration of the «festival of lights»© Flickr / meg and rahul

Fifty people were injured over the past day in the Indian city of Hyderabad (state of Telengana) during the celebration of the main holiday of the year — Diwali, also known as the «festival of lights», reports the news Agency IANS with reference to the doctors.

According to doctors, the victims were admitted to hospital throughout Wednesday night and Thursday morning. The condition of eight people is estimated as critical. It is reported that one of the most affected was the 65-year-old woman who was sent home in an autorickshaw when her face hit the locals launched fireworks.

In one of the districts neighbouring Andhra Pradesh due to unsafe use of firecrackers and fireworks, a fire occurred in which result has completely burnt down four apartment houses. Data about victims to date are not available.

Diwali in India is considered the main holiday of the year. Traditionally on this day the followers of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism decorate houses and streets with bright lights and lanterns, which symbolize the victory of good over evil. Diwali is often compared with the European New year, although strict correspondence between these two holidays there.