In Kaliningrad in the 80-th anniversary of Kristallnacht opened the synagogue

© Photo : courtesy of the press service of the Kaliningrad ForsingleIn Kaliningrad in the 80-th anniversary of Kristallnacht opened the synagogue© Photo : courtesy of the press service of the FJC

New synagogue on the site of the destroyed during «Kristallnacht» in 1938 was opened in Kaliningrad with the participation of the chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar, Russian and foreign politicians, told RIA Novosti in the press service of the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia (FJC).

The facade of the building, designed for 2 thousand people, I repeat appearance of the synagogue of königsberg, constructed in 1894 and destroyed by the Nazis. The newly rebuilt synagogue will function under the auspices of the FJC.

«Once this place was a synagogue of königsberg, which was burned in the night from 9 to 10 November 1938. And later remained in the city, the Jews were forced by Nazi authorities to dismantle the building and clear the site, where they built huts for craftsmen and specialists who were brought from concentration camps to work in the city,» — said at the opening ceremony, the President of the FJC Rabbi Alexander Boroda.

«I hope that the new synagogue will be a place of spiritual attraction for Jews of the entire region. For many centuries it was religion and faith in God provided the basis of moral education of people, spread ideas of love of neighbor. I think that the opening of the synagogue in Kaliningrad, the first in 80 years, will contribute to strengthening interethnic dialogue in the region and will contribute to improving the atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect for faith, culture, language and traditions of all peoples inhabiting our country,» he added.

The opening was also attended by patron of the arts Vladimir Katsman, Germany’s Ambassador rüdiger von Fritsch, Ambassador of Israel, Gary Koren, representative of the German foreign Ministry, Michael Roth, the witness of Kristallnacht Nechama Drober, religious and public figures of the region.

«Our community in Kaliningrad – not only what is today. It’s a great story that began in the Middle ages; it’s the people, known around the Jewish world – rabbis, philosophers, scientists with a world name. And that is now returning in a historical building of the synagogue proves that the new generation is ready to restore the glory of ancestors, the glory of the community», — said in his turn, Lazar.

In the synagogue will be located male and female prayer rooms, ritual bath, classrooms and more. There will also be educational programs for people of all ages to operate a charitable center, held a public prayer and religious Jewish holidays.

«Kristallnacht» or «Night of broken glass» occurred on the night of 10 November 1938 in Germany and Austria and became the first mass action of physical violence of the Nazis against the Jews. Only on 9 November killed more than 90 people, 30 thousand Jews were arrested and sent to concentration camps. The Nazis called it the «Crystal night» due to the fact that the streets were strewn with broken glass from Windows of Jewish shops and Windows of houses. Night of pogroms is considered the beginning of the Holocaust that destroyed about 6 million people.

© Photo : courtesy Jewish community Kaliningradavia synagogue of Konigsberg (modern Kaliningrad) in 1938.In Kaliningrad in the 80-th anniversary of Kristallnacht opened the synagogue© Photo : courtesy Jewish community Kaliningradavia synagogue of Konigsberg (modern Kaliningrad) in 1938.

Kaliningrad (until 1945 Konigsberg, the capital of the German province of East Prussia) — the only place in contemporary Russia affected by the «Crystal night». Every year there is a mourning date of November 1938, when the Nazis plundered and burned the synagogue on the island of Lomza (now Kant’s island) near the Cathedral and expelled Jewish children from orphanages.

The organizers of the construction of a new synagogue was made by the Jewish community of Kaliningrad and the nonprofit recovery Fund the Konigsberg synagogue in Kaliningrad, the founder of which was the Katzman. The first stone in the Foundation of the future synagogue was founded in the fall of 2011, in July 2013, the project passed the state examination.