Kiev’s actions impede the stabilization in the Donbass, said Lukashevich

© RIA Novosti / Kirill Kallinikovich Lukashevich. Archival photoKiev’s actions impede the stabilization in the Donbass, said Lukashevich© RIA Novosti / Kirill Kallinikov

Kiev’s actions interfere with the stabilization of the situation in the sphere of security in the Donbass, said on Thursday, Russia’s permanent representative to the OSCE Alexander Lukashevich.

According to him, Kiev still refuses specific performance of the provisions of the Minsk agreements, which again appeared at the meeting of the Contact group on 6 November: Kiev negotiators once again refused to commit to paper «the formula of Frank-Walter Steinmeier» on the procedure of entry into force of the law on the special status of Donbass – a key element of political settlement.

«Kiev’s actions do not help stabilize the situation in the security sphere. Disrupted the implementation of the framework agreement on the breeding of forces and means from 21 September 2016 in the Village of Lugansk, Petrovsky and Gold. The sixth of November, the Ukrainian negotiators in Minsk rejected the offer of the militia of Donbass to make a statement of the Contact group on the need to eliminate all fixed SMM violations of the parties that prevent such breeding. The Ukrainian army continues to build strength and money on the line of contact and the escalation of the situation in Donbass», — said Lukashevich at a meeting of the OSCE permanent Council.

Kiev’s actions impede the stabilization in the Donbass, said LukashevichThe Minsk agreement