Metropolitan Calabrisi urged the clergy to «take the banner of resistance in your hands»

© Photo : Sergey Stefanovicova Kalabrijsky and Ageliki Ambrose (Greek Orthodox Church). Archive photoMetropolitan Calabrisi urged the clergy to «take the banner of resistance in your hands»© Photo : Sergey Stefanov

Metropolitan Calabrisi and Ageliki Ambrose called the priests of the Greek Orthodox Church oppose the agreements with the government about the separation of Church and state.

Orthodoxy had been sold, Church property lost, property of the Church may be in a so-called «Superfund privatization», reads the statement of Metropolitan on his personal page.

The ruling party coalition of the radical left SYRIZA on 2 October submitted to Parliament a draft of constitutional amendments that propose to «upgrade» article 3 of the Constitution and to entrench the religious neutrality of the state, while maintaining «historical and practical reasons, the recognition of the Orthodox Church as the dominant religion.» Similar changes for the country in which 98% call themselves Orthodox, are revolutionary.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, Archbishop of Athens and all Greece Jerome and the members of the Synod of the Greek Orthodox Church at the meeting discussed the reform and signed a joint statement, which specifies the terms of the separation of Church and state in the framework of the constitutional reform. Influential the organization of the Greek priests, the Holy Union of the clergy of Greece (ISKE), which includes 9 thousand of the approximately 11 thousand Greek priests, demanded to cancel the agreement on the terms of the separation of Church and state.

With their sharp criticism was made by Metropolitan Ambrose.

«The Greek state will release the priests from the list receiving a salary from the state Treasury,» — said the Metropolitan, Recalling that the salaries of the Greek clergy began to pay under the agreement signed decades ago, in exchange for a large and valuable Church and monastery property.

According to Ambrose, the promise of the state in lieu of wages to pay a subsidy to the Church for the maintenance of the priests did not solve the problem, but only freezes the current difficult situation.

In Kalabriiskoi Archdiocese of 160 jobs filled only 113, and the Archdiocese will no longer be able to assign 47 the priests.

While the Archdiocese may not appoint priests to vacant places in the parishes, the Greek state appoints the Muftis of Muslims of Thrace and builds mosques for the money of the Greek taxpayers, says the Metropolitan.

«Our Church is under persecution and therefore all of us today are undesirable in the government scheme of atheists who rule us,» said Metropolitan Ambrose.

His message, he accompanied the post-revolutionary caricature «the excesses of the Bolsheviks in the Church,» and made the call – «the Greek Orthodox clergy, get up! Take the banner of resistance in your hands!»