Photojournalism requires courage, says Medvedev

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Davosconversation in photobacteria at the opening of the exhibition laureates of the International competition of photojournalism in the name of Andrei Stenina-2018. Archival photo.Photojournalism requires courage, says Medvedev© RIA Novosti / Alexander Davosconversation the image Bank

Photojournalism is a serious profession, which requires great courage, when information is extracted risk of life, said Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting with the finalists of the fourth international photojournalism competition named after Andrei Stenin.

General Director MIA «Russia today» Dmitry Kiselev said at the meeting that the photograph is a true fact, «because we see what it really is».

«You said that photo is the fact. But in the era of digital photography, it is not always the fact. But for those who are here, not to mention Andrei Stenin, and other photojournalists who, unfortunately, are exposed to violence, it’s actually profession. And it is a fact. When journalists risk life get information, it’s definitely not a staged story, it takes a lot of courage,» he said.

The contest was founded in 2014 MIA «Russia today» under the auspices of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO in memory of the photojournalist who was killed in the South-East of Ukraine in the performance of professional duty.

Annual reception works for the contest traditionally takes place on the birthday Stenina, 22 Dec. Since its establishment and to this day, the contest remains Russia’s only international platform that opens new names in modern photography. The main objectives of the competition are to support young photographers and the maintenance of high standards of photojournalism.

The main theme of the works of the contestants — the global humanitarian challenges, issues of national identity, problems of social equality and the environment.

This year the competition was held in four nominations: «breaking news», «Sports», «My planet» and «the Portrait. A hero of our time,» and two categories, «Single photo» and «Series».

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