Police identified the suspect in the shooting in California, write media

© AP Photo / Newspolice at the scene of a shooting in the city thousand Oaks in CaliforniaPolice identified the suspect in the shooting in California, write media© AP Photo / KABC

Police have identified the man who opened fire in a bar in California, reports the Los Angeles Times, citing a source in law enforcement bodies.

It is reported that the shooting was arranged 29-year-old man armed with a Glock pistol. The name of the suspect, the police said.

Law enforcement bodies find out motives of the suspect.

As previously announced by the Sheriff of the local police Jeff Dean, in a shooting at a bar in California Borderline killed 11 people and a police officer and the alleged offender. According to media reports, the bar Borderline, which hosted a frat party, the unknown fired at least 30 shots. The police reported that do not exclude the version of act of terrorism.

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