Putin will take part in the CSTO summit in Astana

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Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday will take part in a summit of the collective security Treaty (CSTO), which it is planned to sign about 20 bilateral documents, including on the coordinated action against fighting on the side of the terrorists.

As said before, the Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov, the meeting of the collective security Council will take part the heads of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and acting Prime Minister of Armenia.

Ushakov said that during the session will hold a thorough exchange of views on key issues of regional security and on a number of topical international issues. Also, as expected, details will be discussed anti-terrorism issues, the situation in the Syrian settlement, the situation in Afghanistan and other critical points.

According to Ushakov, at the event, will summarize the work done in recent years of joint work and outlined the guidelines for the further development of the CSTO.

«Prepared to sign about 20 documents, including the political Declaration and the statement on the coordinated measures against parties to armed conflict on the side of international terrorist organizations», — said Ushakov.

He noted that at the end of the session, the chairmanship in the CSTO will pass from Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan.

According to Ushakov, at the meeting in narrow format, the leaders behind closed doors to discuss the election of a new Secretary General of the organization. The representative of Armenia Yuri Khachaturov, who earlier held the post of Secretary General of the CSTO, was dismissed, the acting became his Deputy Valery Semerikov. Earlier, the Armenian investigators presented Hachaturova the prosecution to overthrow the constitutional order in the criminal case about the protesters on 1 March 2008. The court released Khachaturov bail.

«Then there could be three possible options: or the interim Secretary General until may 2020, the Deputy Secretary-General, that is (Valery — ed.) Semerikova. The second option — the election of the Belarusian representative to this post, because after the Armenian alphabet is Belarus, and the third option, which insists the Armenian side, an election before may 2020, at this period, again representative of the Armenian», — said Ushakov.