The Netherlands offered asylum to the lawyer of a Pakistani Christian Bibi

CC0 / baadu / Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Archival photoThe Netherlands offered asylum to the lawyer of a Pakistani Christian BibiCC0 / baadu /

The Dutch government has offered temporary asylum to the lawyer of the Christian Pakistani Asia Bibi of the Saiful Malook, who left Pakistan because of fears for his life, said the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Stef Blok.

We offer Mr. Malook from Pakistan a place in the Shelter City program in the Netherlands for human rights defenders at risk. The situation of Asia Bibi has our full attention.

— Stef Blok (@ministerBlok) 8 November 2018.

«We offer Mr. Maluku place in the Shelter City programme in the Netherlands for human rights defenders under pressure. We carefully monitor the situation surrounding Asia Bibi,» wrote Block on Twitter.

The Shelter City program exists since 2012, it offers a refuge in one of the cities of the Netherlands to human rights defenders who had received threats because of his activities. Program participants can stay in the shelter up to three months and during this period continue to conduct human rights activities from a safe location.

Earlier it became known that Saiful Malook moved to the Netherlands from Pakistan. Dutch human rights organization «Help the persecuted Christians» (HVC) reported that the lawyer was «too dangerous» to be in Pakistan.

Bibi in 2010 was found guilty of insulting the prophet Muhammad and sentenced to death by hanging. While in prison, she awaited execution of a sentence for eight years. Asia Bibi became the first woman in Pakistan who was sentenced to death for blasphemy.

It became known yesterday that Bibi was released from custody. At the same time in the Pakistani media appeared information that the woman could leave the country, but official confirmation of this was not. Despite the fact that the Supreme court acquitted Bibi on October 31, the government of the country during the week did not dare to release her from across Pakistan protests of radical Islamists.