The Russian Orthodox Church called the Church Slavonic language is a national treasure

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In the Russian Orthodox Church support the proposal of the rector of the Moscow University Victor Sadovnichy on the optional study in the schools of the Church Slavonic language, because it is not just the language of the Church, and «national treasure», said on Thursday, RIA Novosti head informsluzhby of the Synodal Department for religious education and catechesis FR Gennady (Wojtyszko).

Sadovnichy previously proposed in the framework of an elective to study in schools Russian language in parallel with Church Slavonic and to consider the history of the people.

«The practice of teaching the Church Slavonic language as an elective is nothing new for the secular schools, and we can only welcome it. You have to understand one simple thing: the Church Slavonic language is the language of one only the Russian Orthodox Church, a national treasure of every Russian, and that’s why we absolutely understand why a secular person, a man of science, academician Sadovnichy has noticed it,» said Voytyshko.

Commenting on the opinion of some experts that children studying the Church Slavonic language will be «extra load» because of the congestion of the current school curriculum, representative of the Synodal Department said that it is only the elective and that parents have the right to make a choice whether their children.

«From what I heard, academician Sadovnichy also not offered compulsory subjects, and there is a choice. Of course, it is not necessary to impose anything on anyone, but let’s give the opportunity to our parents to decide what children study as an elective,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

In his opinion, the teaching of the Church can be interesting and useful, «will expand the world of children.»

The necessary teaching staff, added Wojtyszko, for this is Church studying at the pedagogical institutes and universities Slavists, linguists, Russian language teachers and other professionals, published a lot of good training packages for the study of the Church Slavonic language, which «can be used in secular schools absolutely free».