«The Soviet Union collapsed, the rock will remain and rap». Artists are protesting against the idea to ban rap music concerts

© RIA Novosti / Mikhail Kireeva-the musician Vasily Vakulenko (Basta)«The Soviet Union collapsed, the rock will remain and rap». Artists are protesting against the idea to ban rap music concerts© RIA Novosti / Mikhail Kireev

. Watching clips local rap artists on YouTube rolled over for tens of millions, on stage there are always new comers «to read to the beat» or to destroy the opponent at a sharp word on the battle. The popularity of songs, often dedicated to the darker side of life, not to everyone’s liking. Some see this as a threat to young people and are trying to protect the younger generation. RIA Novosti understood who and what he wants to ban in Russia rap and if this is possible.

The Deputy of legislative Assembly of Leningrad region Vladimir Petrov in the letter to the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika from 1 November this year, asked to take measures «to prevent the conduct pseudomuscari gatherings and formal concerts of the «rappers» in Russia until the normalization of the situation in the youth environment». A copy of the document is at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

So the MP explains his position: «Many songs which are popular among young people, openly advocating suicide, drug addiction, Satanism, extremism and even contain calls to treason. Of particular concern among the population causes such musical direction as rap, the lyrics of contemporary rappers abound in obscene language, extreme speed and cause enmity among the citizens. Within rap music most often happen clashes, fights and other illegal actions».

The artists criticize the genre disagree with him. «To put it mildly, strange initiative. What they want to ban? Style, form of expression music? To prevent the decay of society, not to need music to fight, and to invest, for example, in education. Rap is a way of expression, what and how people want to say, is their own business. In tracks artists speak not only about drugs but also about friendship, love and a lot of correct things. To prohibit anything in any case will not work in America already tried that. We have a huge resource — the Internet, and if there will begin to tighten the screws, we’ll get around restrictions. In any case, continue a favorite thing, and let the deputies do their — spending budget,» — said RIA Novosti, the iconic Russian rapper under the name of Ptah.

A similar position the rapper Basta: «I Have a project «Noggano», where used profanity on posters specify an age limit. We are following this very clear: if parents bring to the concert their children, it matters to the parents, not the children.»

Basta noted that «adults somewhere to shift responsibility for the education of adolescents with themselves on the musicians.» «Anyway, we are not able to avoid the influence of the external world to our children. If the country’s something wrong about this singing musicians. So, something worth considering,» — said RIA Novosti the artist, whose concerts are always sold out.

It is clear that all the artists of this genre do not agree with the position of Petrov. However, his idea is not shared by some colleagues. «Any music is creativity, it is inevitably connected with the liberty. The same scenario can come to the ban of poems Yesenin or Mayakovsky or deny whole literary movement, for example, futurism. It is impossible to evaluate art from a position of pseudonormalization, otherwise you’ll have to ban most of the classics. Some people think that in rap there is something wrong, but turn on the TV: talk show obscenities a lot more,» commented RIA Novosti state Duma Deputy Sergei Shargunov.

RIA Novosti contacted one of the artists whose concert in Nizhny Novgorod did not take place. «Of course, it’s a shame that failed to perform. But nothing in the neighboring cities of my concerts will be held, and those who truly waited for the live performance, will come and go — there are many. I used to be ready to go even to another country to enjoy the works of your favorite artists,» admitted RIA Novosti rapper Harvest.

He believes that to ban rap music concerts is absolutely useless: «People have been doing and will continue to make music. Will not perform live — will hold an online concert. Punitive measures are not the solution, it would be better to impose a moratorium on the sale of cigarettes or alcohol, would be engaged in raising children. Then they will have their own minds and no amount of propaganda will not force them to stand on a curve track. But I have none — my love songs. Listen to the track «Nicotine»: I just compared the affection for a favorite tobacco or drug addiction, no more. I did not need did not call».