Trudeau apologized for the refusal of Canada to accept Jewish refugees in 1939

© RIA Novosti / Alex Particupate in photobacteria Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau. Archival photoTrudeau apologized for the refusal of Canada to accept Jewish refugees in 1939© RIA Novosti / Alex Participerait the image Bank

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, speaking Wednesday before the house of Commons, apologized for the failure of the canadian government to accept Jewish refugees, who arrived on the ship «St. Louis» from Nazi Germany in 1939, said in a press release on the official website of the Prime Minister.

«Today I arrived in the house of Commons to bring belated apology to the Jewish refugees who have been rejected by Canada. Bringing the apology, I sincerely hope that we can shed light on this painful Chapter of our history and to ensure that this lesson was never forgotten. Anti-Semitism, xenophobia and hatred have no place in this country or in this world,» — are reported words of Trudeau.

Ship «St. Louis» — the ship on which 930 Jewish refugees in may 1939, went from Germany to Cuba to escape the Nazi persecution. They planned to wait your turn for a U.S. visa. However, Cuba and some other Latin American countries, USA and Canada refused to accept them, and the ship went back to Europe. Passengers were able to disembark in other European countries, where they were received by the UK, France, Belgium and Holland.