WWF explained why polar bears have begun hunting deer and mice

© RIA Novosti / Faith to Contemperary in fotobabbles bear. Archival photoWWF explained why polar bears have begun hunting deer and mice© RIA Novosti / Faith to Contemoporary the image Bank

Polar bears have begun the hunt for land on the reindeer and mice because of shrinking sea ice caused by climate change, told RIA Novosti coordinator of the project on biodiversity in the Arctic world wildlife Fund (WWF) of Russia Mikhail Stishov.

«Polar bears are forced to spend more time on the shore: quietly adapt, already starting to get a little hunt for prey, sneaking up on a deer, on Wrangel island — the musk oxen begin to dig out rodents. What used to watching would have no chance, today it is becoming the norm. With high adaptability,» said Stishov.

According to him, while such attempts are funny, because predators had not reached the hunting skill to get the reindeer. However, they already manage hunting on weakened or young deer.

As the expert explained, the polar bears used to hunt from the ice on marine mammals, however, in recent years, the sea remains open for a long time. In this regard, predators have to adapt to new conditions, but is largest is not affected.

«As for Chukotka, there is no evidence that the number of polar bears has been greatly reduced. It seems that they do only change a little bit the way of life» – added Stishov.

Earlier also it was reported that about 20 polar bears with cubs wandering near the village of ryrkaypiy in Chukotka in anticipation of ice and sometimes «out of curiosity» go to the town, therefore residents have to scare off predators. According to WWF, is a cluster of bears caused by climate change — due to the lack of ice, the predators can’t hunt the seals.

The polar bear is the largest land predator. Its body length is 1.6-3.3 meters, weight of males — 400-500 kilograms (sometimes up to 750). Bear is excellent swims and dives, swims into the open sea for tens of kilometers, quickly move on the ice. Leads a solitary lifestyle, but sometimes there are groups of two to five animals. In Russia, polar bear constantly resides in the area from the Franz Joseph and Novaya Zemlya to Chukotka. In Russia, polar bear hunting is completely prohibited since 1957, the species listed in the Red book.