Acting mayor of Makhachkala after the arrest of Hasanov takes his Deputy Aliyev

© Photo : official site of administration of Mahabalipuram Aliyev. Archive photoActing mayor of Makhachkala after the arrest of Hasanov takes his Deputy Aliyev© Photo : an official portal of administration of Makhachkala

The Deputy head of Makhachkala Murad Aliyev was appointed acting mayor after the arrest of the acting mayor of Abusupyan Gasanov, said RIA Novosti the representative of city administration.

On Wednesday, the Federal security service of Russia in Dagestan opened a criminal case against the acting head of Makhachkala, Gasanov under part 2 of article 286 of the criminal code «Excess of powers of office». According to the Ministry, Hasanov’s illegal actions in the conduct of the auction for the execution of road construction works caused substantial harm to the interests of the state.

«The Deputy head of administration of Makhachkala Murad Aliyev, who oversaw the housing, is temporarily entrusted with the duties of the head of Makhachkala,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

Hasanov took the post of interim mayor in January 2018 after the arrest of Makhachkala mayor Musa Musayev. This is the third head of the city said Amirov after previously sentenced for life for terrorism, who becomes a suspect in the abuse of power.

According to investigators, the predecessor Hasanov Musayev in March 2016, knowing that the land area of about 17.5 hectares is the property of the Republic, was illegally transferred its property to a private company for 1.1 million rubles. The market value of this land at the conclusion of the examination, more than 81 million rubles. In October, the court sentenced Musaev to four years in prison.