Aeroflot said the prestigious award CNews AWARDS for it projects

© Photo : press-service «Aeroflot»Aircraft of Aeroflot. Archive photoAeroflot said the prestigious award CNews AWARDS for it projects© Photo : press-service «Aeroflot»

The company «Aeroflot» was awarded the prestigious award CNews AWARDS 2018 in the category of «IT project of the year in the transport sector», said in a press release.

The award was given for the successful implementation of the new standard of distribution of aviation services NDC developed by the international air transport Association (IATA).

Program NDC (New Distribution Capability) ensures the creation in the segment of direct sales channel to agencies and search engines, which significantly increases the efficiency and quality of passenger service.

The main feature of the standard NDC — a high degree of personalization of services tailored to the capabilities and preferences of a particular client. Instead of the basic information he provided «voluminous» information about the product airlines: age of the aircraft, cabin configuration, a full list of tariffs and additional services. This allows passengers to make more informed choices when planning a trip.

Full range of additional services and tariff groups of the company through NDC can be purchased directly through metapoiskovaya and Agency portals connected to the NDC-the gateway of Aeroflot, the airline completely controls the ordering of services and accompanies the client, the company noted.

At the end of 2017, Aeroflot received a certificate from IATA for the third — highest level in the framework of the implementation of the NDC standard. This achievement was made possible thanks to the full automation of business processes in the leading Russian airline, which consistently ranks fourth in digitization among airlines in the ranking of the strategic consultancy Bain & Company.

Active implementation of the most advanced IT solutions, including in the field of artificial intelligence, identified as one of the priorities of the new development Strategy of Aeroflot until 2023.

Aeroflot is not the first time became a laureate of CNews AWARDS prize, one of the key aims of which is to identify the best companies in the field of information and communication technologies. In 2016, the airline received the award for «data center» for the creation of a modular data processing centre (DPC).