Canaries on the benches: what criminals get VIP status in prisons

© Photo : mzk1.guacala Tsepovyaz in the colonyCanaries on the benches: what criminals get VIP status in prisons© Photos :

Red caviar, boiled crabs and fried to Golden brown barbecue — menu ex-gang member Kushchevskaya Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz would be envied by many. This week on the Internet emerged pictures of the luxurious life of a criminal convicted for murder and serving sentences in a penal colony in the Amur region. According to the FSIN, the pictures are from three years ago. Now by checking joined several law enforcement agencies. Those who fit well in the material RIA Novosti.

Beautiful life

Representatives of the Federal penitentiary service of Russia do not deny that the pictures are real and directly indicate violations of the internal regulations of the colony.

«Typically, such photos are made to send them free and show: the man is afraid of nothing. He demonstrates that he can do anything, — said RIA Novosti Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Public oversight Commission Anton Tsvetkov. — However, we must understand that food parcels a prisoner can pass on to relatives, and he also has the right to buy food in the colony».

However, according to the lawyer of ex-wife Tsepovyaz Natalia Trishna, that a few years strongly supported the ex-husband, but kebabs and crabs in the colony he never sent. Therefore, by comparing the range of products from the store with IR with the products depicted in the photo, is now engaged representatives of the Amur regional Prosecutor’s office.

«The problem is that in all places of deprivation of liberty forbidden to use cell phones as their presence indicates the direct violation of the regime — says Flowers. — This occurs most often with the participation or acquiescence of prison staff».

To check joined the Investigation Committee. In particular, the head of Department Alexander Bastrykin has instructed to give a «hard legal assessment of the actions of prison officials who seek to alleviate the conditions of serving the sentence the person who committed monstrous crimes against the person».

In the colonies and remand prisons from time to time, there will be episodes related to the violation of the detention. So, this summer in the colony №29 of the Komi Republic convicted for terrorism were freely smuggled into the correctional facility lamb, knives, «sharpening», phones, SIM cards, religious literature and other banned items. By results of check the head of the colony, his Deputy and the chief of security Department and head of the unit was brought to a strict disciplinary responsibility.

In the fall of 2011 during a routine inspection of the Volgograd IR 12 employees of the regional Prosecutor’s office found the so-called the VIP-the chamber where the special conditions contained criminal authorities. There was a sofa, TV and a bar with alcoholic beverages, and on the walls besides icons hung portraits of well-known in the relevant circles of the representatives of the criminal world: washi Diamond, jap and others.

Where in the colony it came from «rooms of higher comfort», one of the guards clearly couldn’t explain. In addition, the inspectors found the room where illegally stored weapons and other prohibited items. As a result of IR fired three supervisors, 12 employees received warnings about incomplete service conformity, and strict reprimands.

«I think it all depends on the chiefs of prisons. If they don’t know about the violations you have no right to hold such positions, concludes a human rights activist. — And if you know and strongly condone this, then they should be brought to criminal responsibility.»

It should be noted that such violations, mostly detected in detention centres, prisons and in places of deprivation of liberty General and strict modes. In maximum security prisons («Black Dolphin», «White Swan», «snowy Owl» and others), where primarily contains sentenced to life imprisonment, keeping an eye on much stricter.