Chapter KCR: the transition to digital TV should pass in the Republic of painless

© Photo courtesy of the press service of Head and Government Collaba Karachay-Cherkessia Rashid TemrezovChapter KCR: the transition to digital TV should pass in the Republic of painless© photo courtesy of the press service of Head and the government of KCHR

. To the end of the year to carry out large-scale explanatory work in the country for the transition from analogue to digital TV, said the head of Karachay-Cherkessia Rashid Temrezov on his page in the network Instagram.

He recalled that on January 15 next year, except for the cities with population over 100 thousand people in Russia will shut off air television. In this regard, in each settlement the KCR people should know what they need to do to switch to digital TV.

According to Temrezov, the population, especially vulnerable groups — the poor, difficulties may arise with the transition to digital broadcasting. For example, with independent acquisition of the corresponding equipment.

The head of the Republic instructed the government of KCHR to consider how to ensure socially unprotected categories of citizens, equipment for digital TV reception with support from the national budget.

«In order for the shutdown of analogue broadcasts in all areas of the region was conducted as painlessly as possible, organs of state power, local self-government, specialists of the Russian television and radio broadcasting networks in the KCR needs to conduct a large-scale information and explanatory work with the population.

It is necessary to use all the features media, social networking, places of mass stay of citizens,» — wrote the head of the KCHR.

He reminded that on the territory of the Republic built 45 digital stations to broadcast a digital television signal in good quality, and coverage of digital broadcasting in the region was 99.8%. Can’t use «figure» only in remote mountain settlements.