Ex-wife translated Tsepovyaz monthly 250 thousand rubles

© Photo : mzk1.guacala Tsepovyaz in the colonyEx-wife translated Tsepovyaz monthly 250 thousand rubles© Photos : mzk1.ru

Ex-wife of gang member Kushchevskaya Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz Natalia Trishna transferred him to a colony to an average of 250 thousand rubles a month, said her lawyer, Edward Churgulia. He added that it is established by court.

«When considering a case on dissolution of the marriage contract, the court began to hear Natalia, <…> Natalia submitted the tickets and all travel, how much time the children went, she flew out, and the money was transferred. But 250 thousand rubles on average. It’s all documented,» — said Churgulia RIA Novosti.

Tsepovyaz is serving a sentence in the Amur region. Earlier in mass media there were photos in which the prisoner posing in prison garb with mobile phone in hand, and on the table his products are clearly not from the prison menu: crabs, barbecue and red caviar.

After the publication of pictures of SK organized the inspection, which revealed violations of law: employees of a colony have created for Tsepovyaz special conditions.

Against them criminal case about abuse of authority. Tsepovyaz was placed in a punishment cell for violating the order of the day.

The lawyer of the prisoner Elbrus Murtazov has told RIA Novosti that his client is not receiving assistance from family, sending a convict once a month sends only sibling. The lawyer also claims that Trishna put pressure on Tsepovyaz at the signing of the marriage contract and in the end left him without property and means of livelihood.

Now the ex-wife suing for business.

The case of the gang Hoe

The leader of Kushchevskaya OPG Sergey Tsapok and members of his gang were convicted for the murder of 12 people in the fall of 2010. This crime is considered to be one of the most notorious in the modern history of Russia.

The Hoe was sentenced to life imprisonment, but he died of illness in July 2014 in prison, which was pending against the sentence.

Tsepovyaz received twenty years of imprisonment.