In Russia there will be a new profession

© Fotolia / Janina DierksПожилой man sitting in front of a computer. Archival photoIn Russia there will be a new profession© Fotolia / Janina Dierks

In the near future in Russia will be a new profession of digital curator, writes «Rossiyskaya Gazeta».

According to the newspaper, the new specialists will help older people to learn to work with digital resources: deal with online payments for utility services, the conduct of documents in electronic form, and many others.

New profession has already developed a professional standard. It was the work of specialists of the Council for professional qualifications in the field of labour safety, social protection and employment on the basis of scientific research Institute of labour and of the Russian society «Knowledge».

Opportunity to teach digital curators to appear in mid-December, said the head of the Council for prikalivatsja Yury Gertsy.