In the Russian mission to the UN responded to the words of Hayley about the removal of banking restrictions against North Korea

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Agresivitate in photobacteria United Nations in new York. Archival photoIn the Russian mission to the UN responded to the words of Hayley about the removal of banking restrictions against North Korea© RIA Novosti / Alexei Agresivitate the image Bank

Company from Russia, engaged in non-profit and humanitarian activities in the DPRK, because of the sanctions of the UN security Council cannot operate normally, said RIA Novosti press-Secretary of the permanent mission to the UN Feodor Strzygowski.

On Thursday the UN security Council held closed consultations of the UN on the situation on the Korean Peninsula. According to their results, U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley said that Russia wants to remove restrictions on banking operations in the DPRK, «but we do not allow».

«Can’t function in the DPRK, the Russian companies which carry out non-commercial or purely humanitarian, not falling under the sanctions regime,» — said Strzygowski.

He noted that Russia «considers this state of Affairs is totally unacceptable and, in fact, violate the Council’s decisions in terms of their not targeting people of the DPRK and the activities of humanitarian agencies.»

«In this regard called for the early consideration of options to remedy the situation using all available UN instruments,» added the spokesman.

He explained that «at the moment, the difficulties in the implementation of its activities in and with the DPRK are experiencing such as the structure of the office of the UN high Commissioner for humanitarian Affairs, United Nations Program for development, the world food programme».

«A disruption of normal interaction Pyongyang with organizations such as UNESCO, the international Olympic Committee, ESCAP (Economic and social Commission for Asia and the Pacific – ed) and the International Federation of red cross and Crescent. In participating in some organized through these organizations, international events, deny North Korean citizens, although this does not prohibit sanctions regime,» added Strzyzewski.
«The banking sanctions against the DPRK during today’s consultations, it was mentioned only in the context of the activities of the UN humanitarian agencies in the country», — he explained the statement of US Ambassador that Russia «wants to remove restrictions on banking transactions».