«Say thank you that called the ambulance». At the Ekaterinburg school fifth graders broke his neck peers

© RIA Novosti / Konstantin to Collabourate in fotoracconti lesson«Say thank you that called the ambulance». At the Ekaterinburg school fifth graders broke his neck peers© RIA Novosti / Konstantin to Collabourate the image Bank

. A group of fifth graders from Ekaterinburg beat peers directly into school football field. The victim said that he stood up for a friend of mine who has cataloguecover jacket. In the end he broke her neck. The incident occurred in late September, but the boy only now back to studying: now he is forced to wear a corset and be careful when moving. Mother tried to find the culprits, but the school Director said that she had a conversation with the disciples: «Say thank you, that actually called the ambulance». Then the woman decided to get involved community members and appealed to Ural parents Committee. As it turned out, there were other similar cases.

«We know that a few days ago the boy’s mother was summoned to the Commission on Affairs of minors (PDN), also they were the Prosecutor and the investigators. The police, incidentally, said that the statements from Usoltsev has been received, although she came back. It sounded a press-service Agency in the regional media. But later, when joined the case to the Ombudsman, it appeared that the statement was,» commented Gerbeev.

He added that the parents Committee is still unknown, did on account of the offenders Rustam. In PDN somehow started an investigation into the conduct of the Director and the violations on the territory of educational institutions, but took over the family Usoltsev. In particular, said the social worker, the inspectors want to come over to Irina and to assess the conditions in which the boy.

«As soon as PD comes, we will look tea to drink to monitor their actions. While we do not understand on what grounds he initiated this visit. Irina’s family is large and poor, but safe. Live well, children all have a mother working several jobs. Yes, there is no renovation, however, conditions are normal,» explained Gerbeev.

The Director, he says, after audits began, the mother asked the victim to sit down at the negotiating table and proposed a compromise: to transfer the boy to another class. The question essentially is not solved.

The RIA Novosti correspondent tried to contact the Director of the school №50 Oksana Rozhkova, but in its reception, no one picked up.

Defense of the school yard

After this incident, social activists even launched a hotline for parents faced with a similar situation. Gerbeev noted that in line received a lot of complaints. So, almost immediately called the woman from the village Mint in Ekaterinburg and said that seven high school students from school No. 32, beat her son, a fourth grader. According to her, the Teens knocked him to the ground, struck on the head and other parts of the body. The beating was caught on camera, now engaged law enforcement agencies.

«We understand each case and more and more convinced that the principals in any way trying to hold back, to hide or distort the facts of physical violence of which they are well aware. Trying to absolve themselves of responsibility for what is happening, not thinking that from-for connivance of the children’s cruelty is widespread and the character of the group. In fact we are seeing from their side callousness and inaction, negligence or the usual formalism. Or trying to silence, or take a defensive position», — concluded the Chairman of the Ural parent Committee.