The EU has said it will not tolerate threats to the United States in trade

© AFP 2018 / Gerard CerlesФлаг EU headquarters of the European Union in Brussels. Archival photoThe EU has said it will not tolerate threats to the United States in trade© AFP 2018 / Gerard Cerles

The EU should be ready to strongly respond to US attempts to threaten in trade, Europe is not a doormat on which wipe their feet, said at the talks in Brussels, Secretary of state under the Minister for European Affairs and foreign Affairs of France Jean-Baptiste Lemoine.

On Friday in Brussels took place a meeting of EU Ministers responsible for trade issues. The official was asked how he can appreciate US attempts to divide France and Germany, forcing them to choose between the negotiations on agriculture, which is unacceptable for Paris and contrary to previous agreements, the EU and the United States, and new duties on cars, which is very sensitive to Berlin.

«We need to be prepared for all scenarios, although we of course give priority to dialogue. But you are right, it cannot be excluded that the results of the analysis conducted in the United States, President trump may come to the decision to threaten some punishing measures,» Clinton said to journalists.

«In this case, we also must prepare for this probability, because the implementation of this threat would be contrary to the spirit of the statement on 25 July, in which the parties pledged to refrain from actions contrary to dialogue», — he reminded.

«And, of course, we must be prepared if necessary to give a decisive answer. I think that Europe is not some kind of rug, on which wipe their feet,» he said.

In July, the EU and the United States decided to establish an Executive working group of the closest advisers to head the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and the President of the United States Donald trump to promote trade agreements reached during their meeting in Washington in late July. This group started work in August, but has not yet yielded concrete results.

The US and the EU in July also agreed to refrain from imposing new duties during trade negotiations.

The EU has said it will not tolerate threats to the United States in trade© Infographical war, the United States