The FSIN has told about the price increase «black market» connection in the colonies

© Flickr / Kevin SteinhardtМобильный the Nokia 3310. Archival photo.The FSIN has told about the price increase «black market» connection in the colonies© Flickr / Kevin Steinhardt

Prices on illegal mobile communications services in the colonies and detention centers has increased five times due to the fact that the Federal service of execution of punishments are struggling with getting phones into the zone and removed weekly to thousands of devices, told RIA Novosti Deputy head of the FSIN Valery Maksimenko.

«The phones (in the colonies — ed.) are removed every day, every day trying to throw, to launch several phones with a drone. A week before thousands of these phones are intercepted, and, of course, the struggle goes on constantly. I will say this: the phones became much smaller and the ability to make much smaller and prices have gone up, according to the operational information, which we have, five times to raise prices for services to carry a phone. This suggests that somehow we have to cope, we on the right track,» — said Maksimenko.

According to him, a law that would oblige mobile operators to disable some points located near the facilities needed, but need a «differentiated approach».

«Such a law is necessary, but to use it will have with the head. In cities such as Moscow, where almost 20 million people live, and if you take off a few hundred, from tens to hundreds of thousands of residents will remain without communication», — said the Agency interlocutor.

He recalled that a few years ago, a similar measure tried to apply near the detention center No. 2 (Butyrki prison) in the centre of Moscow, after which the residents of the surrounding streets were left without mobile communication and filed lawsuits.

As a reverse example, Maksimenko cited a detention facility «Kolpino» of St. Petersburg, known as «New Cross», located on the outskirts of the city and where «to drown out a few hundred, so there was no communication, it was easy.»