The head of administration of Simferopol filed a resignation

© Photo : The Council Of State Of The Republic Of Krieger Lukashev. Archive photoThe head of administration of Simferopol filed a resignation© Photo : the Council of State of the Republic of Crimea

The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov said that at his suggestion the mayor of Simferopol Igor Lukashev resigned.

Aksenov in late October, has criticized the authorities of Simferopol for the continuing problems in the cleaning, landfills, poorly organized public transport and non-optimized route network, as well as paralyzed in Simferopol traffic because at the same time started the repair of several highways.

«Today, I invited Igor Mikhailovich (Lukasheva) to his office, we discussed the reasons for this situation, garbage collection, transportation, road repairs and so on. I personally have come to the conclusion that the desire was, the man tried, but lack of experience made it impossible to show the result. At the end of the conversation, I suggested to Igor Mikhailovich to write a letter of resignation from this post, it is my order fulfilled», — said Aksenov at the meeting of the government of the region.

Igor Lukashev headed the administration of Simferopol in September 2017. He was elected to the post instead of the resigned Gennady Bakharev, whom Feldman also criticized for poor organization of work in the city.