United States thanked Poland for resisting the «Nord stream — 2»

© AP Photo / Cliff OwenМинистр of energy of the USA Rick Perry. Archival photoUnited States thanked Poland for resisting the «Nord stream — 2»© AP Photo / Cliff Owen

USA thank Poland and other countries who are resisting the construction of the gas pipeline «Nord stream — 2», said the Minister of energy Rick Perry at a press conference following the signing of the agreement between Poland and the USA on strategic dialogue in the energy sector.

«We agree with our European partners. I would like to thank Poland and many other countries, even many people in Germany who understand that the project «Northern stream» is not a business project,» said Perry. «It is a political gambit, which gives Russia influence in Europe,» he said.

The American Minister does not lose hope that the «Nord stream» to prevent». «We encourage our partners to join forces and to abandon this project,» said Perry.

He noted that the US has not changed their relationship to the construction of «Nord stream». «On the subject of «North stream — 2″ was a clear statement of the President. We are against this project. It is not commercial from the point of view of diversification. The President still has the right to impose sanctions,» — said the head of the American Ministry of energy.

«Nord stream — 2» involves the construction of a gas pipeline with a capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas off the coast of Russia through the Baltic sea to Germany. The United States opposes this project. Russian President Vladimir Putin, in this regard, said the leader of the United States Donald trump pursues the interests of American business in the supply of LNG to Europe.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel for its part has repeatedly said that Berlin considers the project «Northern stream — 2» commercial, however, it linked its implementation with the preservation of Russian gas transit through Ukraine. The Russian side has also repeatedly stated that the project «Northern stream — 2» is a completely commercial, competitive, and pointed out that it does not involve the termination of Russian gas transit through Ukraine to the EU.

United States thanked Poland for resisting the «Nord stream — 2»© Vitaly Advicedating years Board