Yemen’s army launched a new operation in Hodeidah, despite calls for peace

© AFP 2018 / StringerСгоревшая military vehicles on the outskirts of the city of Hodeidah in Yemen. Archival photoYemen’s army launched a new operation in Hodeidah, despite calls for peace© AFP 2018 / Stringer

The army of Yemen said that with the support of the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia launched a new operation in the captured Houthi rebels port town of Hodeidah, despite the earlier calls to end the war.

Earlier in November, the United States urged Yemen warring parties to end hostilities within 30 days. To stop the fighting in al Hudaydah also called humanitarian organizations like the international Committee of the red cross (ICRC) and the world health organization (who).

As reported by the official portal of the army 26sepnews with reference to the military leader Ahmed Ali al-Juhani, security forces began on Friday, «a new large-scale military operation» to retake the remaining border areas.

«The military operation began, and the forces of the national army moved towards the North and West of the city of hodeida on all axes, with the support of the Arab coalition,» said the captain.

According to him, the new operation was for the Houthis «surprise», and now are waging a fierce battle «with a significant advance of the national army». Al-Hujaili said that the return of al-Hudaydah under the control of the army was now «very close».

In July, the Arab coalition, along with Pro-government forces announced the beginning of the offensive on the port city of Hodeidah on the Red sea, which remains in the hands of the Houthis. Since that time, continuing heavy fighting for the city and the port through which, according to the Yemeni government, the Houthis receive arms from Iran. In recent weeks Pro-government troops led by the Republican guard under the command of the son of the slain ex-Yemeni President Saleh Tariq with the support units of the UAE were able to win back the Houthis areas to the South of Hodeidah.

In September the UN reported that hundreds of thousands of people in Hodeidah are in a critical situation, and the humanitarian situation has deteriorated dramatically. The UN humanitarian coordinator in Yemen, Lise Grande said that the people of the port «need».

Military-political conflict in Yemen between the government and Houthi rebels from the Shiite movement «Ansar Allah» continues in 2014. Arab military coalition led by Saudi Arabia supports the government forces in March 2015.