Attacked with a knife in Melbourne tried to make an explosion, police said Australia

© AFP 2018 / William WestПолицейские at the scene of the assault the men with a knife in the heart of Melbourne, Australia. November 9, 2018Attacked with a knife in Melbourne tried to make an explosion, police said Australia© AFP 2018 / William West

Australian police said that her attacker in Melbourne with a knife on the police the man also tried to detonate under his car with gas cylinders, reports channel ABC News.

«It seems that he tried to ignite the car fire, we now believe, to ignite the cylinders», — quotes the channel of the representative of the chief of Victoria police Graham Ashton. According to him, according to preliminary data, the aim of the attacker was an «explosion, but it didn’t work.»

Earlier it was reported that on Friday, armed with a knife, the man attacked police officers in Melbourne. According to media reports, a scuffle ensued after he lit up one of the cars on the street, Swanston street. The footage from CCTV cameras shows a man brandishing a weapon, lunges at a police officer. As a result of incident one person was killed and two injured. Police neutralized the attacker was shot in the chest.

The spokesman said he considers the incident as terrorism. Responsibility for the incident took on banned terrorist group «Islamic state.»*

*Banned in Russia as a terrorist organization