Chipped in for firewood. My grandmother paid off the loan she took to stay warm

© Youtube/ВЕСТИ35.Pensionerka Valentine Vyacheslavova of the Vologda regionChipped in for firewood. My grandmother paid off the loan she took to stay warm© Youtube/ВЕСТИ35.Russia

A touching story of the pensioner from the Vologda village Strizhneva who took a loan to buy wood to soften and unite Internet users. «Heating» loan Valentina Vyacheslavova spent in the last year, and this was forced to gather dead wood. But once on the local TV channel broadcasted a program about the difficulties of the pensioner, it literally filled up with firewood. Moreover, on the Internet one night and gathered the required to repay the debt amount. However, local authorities claim that to get into debt, Valentina Alexandrovna was not necessary. The wood she had to execute at a reduced price, but the pensioner discount is not addressed.

«Winter window covered with frost»

The story in the «news of the Vologda region» begins with the fact that 71-year-old Valentina Vyacheslavova collect dry branches in the forest. She puts the firewood in a wheelbarrow and takes three kilometres to his house in the village Strizhneva. Reporter-over says: «the forest goes retired on the job».

Valentina Aleksandrovna on camera admits: firelighters she bought regularly, until prices soared several times. «Last year I gained credits on the wood. Now I don’t know how to live…»

All her life she worked on the farm in Tarnogsky district, Vologda region. Was a mailman, and a laborer. To zero when the company went bankrupt, moved to the nearby village Strizhneva. Worked here as a cleaner at a local school. In the year before retirement she had to quit her job to take care of blind mother paralyzed. Maybe that’s why old age benefits she accrued the minimum — total 8770 roubles.

Furnaces in the house Vyacheslavovich three: one in the kitchen and two in the room. To heat the building, annually to purchase four cars of wood. Each of said pensioner, is eight thousand. If she had not got a loan from her pension she would were only for 770 rubles.

«Last year I received a loan for 80 thousand rubles. The money bought four cars of wood and gave debts. However, later regretted. Every month they counted me for 3450 rubles. Had another one take the credit…», — says the pensioner estimates.

In the end, the jar she gave almost his entire pension. This year I decided to do on their own and went to the forest to gather dead wood.

«I’m almost a third of the woodshed filled, but then the truck broke down, the wheel burst. Dragged the branch to itself», — says the pensioner.

During one such hike in the woods she met a neighbor whose daughter just works as a journalist. So there is a saving story.

«The money collected for the night»

What happened next, Valentina calls real magic. After a few days to her house pulled up by a local entrepreneur and unloaded a whole carload of the wood.

However, in this scheme, the villagers rarely use. Easier said Popov, to order firewood from private owners. The machine in this case will cost five thousand rubles.

«Valentina said she bought the wood at eight thousand. Don’t know where she found these prices. I recently ordered and paid for only five,» says the representative of the administration.

And even in this case, retirees can ask the seller of firewood check, then file in MFC application for reimbursement of half the cost of fuel.

«Even will not have to go to two times a month service «one window» is opened in our village. You just need to bring back the documents. Vyacheslavova but neither Valentina nor her daughter didn’t even try to apply for a privilege».

The head of the settlement emphasizes that tried to solve the issue of housing for the family. During the winter months they allegedly were ready to move into a communal apartment with all amenities. «We offered to issue her Sinim, pay only utility bills. But Vyacheslavova said that it is too expensive for them».

The woman Valya says about soft wood not even heard of. «No we have no grants will not be issued, all the old men for their money to buy, — says the pensioner. — My roommate, for example, this year was forced to go into debt, to purchase at 17500 two cars of wood.»

As for the people, it really offered. But to go out of the house Valentina is afraid.

«We’re under the floor of the log is all rotten. While sinking, the house will not fall, I experience life in the village know. It is necessary to stop to heat the room, everything will fall apart in a few months. Where in this case we have to go back?»