Efremova congratulated happy birthday by launching a pie in the face

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Filippoupolitis in fotoboeken Mikhail Efremov. Archival photoEfremova congratulated happy birthday by launching a pie in the face© RIA Novosti / Alexei Filippoupolitis the image Bank

Colleagues congratulated the actor Mikhail Yefremov on his 55th birthday by running a cake in his face during the performance «Chapaev and Emptiness», according to PR-Manager of the play Konstantin Filippov.

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As noted, on the eve of the anniversary of Mikhail Efremov acted the part of a doctor of the psychiatric hospital and the legendary divisional commander Chapaev in the play of Paul Ursula «Chapaev and Emptiness».

«During a performance at the most unexpected for the actor time actor Paul Collectors playing in the play the role Serdyuk, snuck on the scene with a festive cake and launched his birthday in the face,» said Filippov.

He also added that the audience supported the joke with applause and shouts of congratulations. This joke is very pleasant and Ephraim himself, though, and were quite unexpected. All present on stage, the actors also congratulated his colleague on holiday, and then went back to play.