Putin intends to participate in the reform of the mandatory social insurance

© RIA Novosti / Michael Clientgenerated in Photobacterium of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and Chairman of the Federation of independent trade unions of Russia Mikhail Shmakov during the meeting. Archival photoPutin intends to participate in the reform of the mandatory social insurance© RIA Novosti / Michael Clientgenerated the image Bank

Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to take part in the work on reform of mandatory social insurance, a proposal to establish such an authority, the head of the Federation of independent trade unions (FNV) Mikhail Shmakov stated during a working meeting with the head of state.

«We would like to create, maybe, a Council for the reform of mandatory social insurance… under your patronage, the President of the Russian Federation, to all those interdepartmental contradictions could be easier to solve,» — said Shmakov, noting that in this case all the participants of this work would be to implement it with great enthusiasm.

Putin accepted the offer, though, and noticed that it is increasingly the responsibility of government. «But of course, I will take part in it», — Putin said. Chapter PNP of the Russian Federation has noticed that at some time the presidential status of this body would be useful.

Shmakov drew the President’s attention to the fact that the budget code does not address the specifics of «social insurance Fund». He said that at the moment there is the opportunity to «post the questions which are solved by the social insurance Fund in different chapters of the budget code and in fact it turns out that the state budget in order to dip into this Fund.» According to the head of FNP of Russia, a similar set of interagency controversial issues difficult to solve.

Shmakov also appealed to the President to pay special attention to the completion of the decisions made by the Constitutional court that the minimum wage does not include compensatory and incentive payments, and that the tariff of the first category in any job can not be below the level of the minimum wage.

«There is a solution, but now the government and the Ministry of labour issued an explanation which is refuted by stating that the rate may be lower, but with compensatory and incentive allowances that can’t be below the minimum wage — said Shmakov. — Therefore require certain changes to the labour code, and we would ask you to support this decision.»