«The black Colonel» Arapov. The story of the legendary dynasty operatives

© Photo : provided by Pavel Arapov Arbovirology«The black Colonel» Arapov. The story of the legendary dynasty operatives© Photo by Pavel Arapov

The defeat of the ruthless gang of robbers Ivan Mitin and capture of the maniac nicknamed Mosgaz — during his career the legendary CID officer Vladimir Arapov revealed many high-profile crimes. He served as the prototype image of Zheglov in the novel by Vainer «Era of mercy», which shot a cult film «the meeting Place cannot be changed». For the rigid nature of the operative nicknamed «the Black Colonel». After retirement his work was continued by three sons. In Day of employees of bodies of internal Affairs, RIA Novosti tells us about one of the most famous police dynasties.

High-profile murders

In the early 1950s in Moscow swept a series of assaults on the savings banks and shops. Victims of an elusive gang were more than ten people, including police officers. For involvement in the murder field investigators checked all criminals, but out on the trail did not succeed.

Three years later, during another RAID at the Bank phone rang. The question the caller where he was, one of the criminals said to the stadium. This seemingly casually thrown the phrase interested in a young employee of Moore of Vladimir Arapov. It is logical to assume that the bandits are addicted to sports or living near the stadium.

The police decided to take a closer look at the inhabitants of the areas close to major grounds. Soon, they received information that near the stadium in Krasnogorsk the tipsy young man bought a barrel of beer and began to treat them passers-by. The ordinary man in the street afford could not, therefore, for the generous citizen established surveillance. Gradually, investigators have identified not only his circle of friends, but also highlighted their involvement in committed crimes. After collecting all the evidence, the arrests began.

As a result, defendants were 12 persons. Almost all the best workers. They were directed by the master of the defense plant Ivan Mitin. And his closest associates were sentenced to death, others to long terms of imprisonment.

In the early 1960s, Arapov was appointed head of the Department on disclosing of murders, rapes, robberies and robberies. «It is characterized by increased efficiency, the ability to analyze information and find a common language with people, adds Paul. — For those who have a responsible attitude to work, he did everything: housing, bonuses and so on. A dishonest employee could beat. For this he received the nickname «Black Colonel». But none of his subordinates has never complained about him to their superiors».

In addition to the disclosure of particularly serious crimes, Arapov successfully caught thieves and bring to light the Scam. He served as the prototype of zheglova and Sharapova in the novel brothers Weiner «Era of mercy», in which then Director Stanislav Govorukhin has shot a film «meeting Place cannot be changed». «Black cat» gang Mitin. One of the authors of the book, Arkady Vainer, served for several years together with Vladimir in Moore.

A policeman is retired in the early seventies. However, the fight against crime continued by his three sons: Victor, Paul and Vladimir. «Of course, father’s profession influenced my choice. When at 18 I decided to go to serve in the interior Ministry, dad, of course, was against it. Said I will break, ‘ says Paul. — The fact that as a child I had polio, and the right hand for some time did not work. To get me in the army, required to pull out from a medical card of some sheets with the mention of the disease. The medical examination I was successful».

© Photo : provided by Pavel Arapov Arbovirology brothers Vainer«The black Colonel» Arapov. The story of the legendary dynasty operatives© Photo : provided by Pavel Arapov Arbovirology brothers Vainer
The advice of his father

The young man wanted to connect the life with service in the criminal investigation. «But my father advised to begin to work with the district and gave perhaps the most valuable advice — says a former policeman. He said: learn to communicate with people and be able to patiently listen to them, no matter what nonsense they may carry. Only then will you be able to become a good operator».

Paul worked for the district for four years, and then transferred to Petrovka, where ten years in the investigative division. It has proven to be one of the best experts on the disclosure of murders, whose victims have long been considered missing.

© Photo : provided by Paul Arepository son Victor Arapov«The black Colonel» Arapov. The story of the legendary dynasty operatives© Photo : courtesy of Paul Arepository son Victor Arapov

The eldest son Victor worked as an investigator, and then also engaged in investigative work. He became the youngest chief of regional Department of criminal investigation in the Soviet Union, taking the post in 21 years. During the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant Arapova part of a special operational group was sent to Pripyat to fight the looters. On retirement, he was already gone from the Main Department of MIA of the USSR.

Younger, Vladimir, has served in the criminal investigation Department Fourth Department of the MIA of the USSR, who oversaw the closed cities. Interestingly, the father and his three sons resigned from the authorities in the rank of Colonel.

Most of my life working in the interior Ministry and the sister Arapova. First the investigator, then in the juvenile division and then in the information center. Her husband was also a member of the criminal investigation.

© Photo : provided by Paul Arapovite Vladimir Arapov «The black Colonel» Arapov. The story of the legendary dynasty operatives© Photo : provided by Paul Arapovite Vladimir Arapov

The legendary detective died in 2014 at the age of 87 years. A year later, he was not the eldest son. Victor died on October 5, the Day of the criminal investigation. Pensioners Paul and Vladimir is now raising grandchildren.