The USA is not planning military action against Iran, Bolton said

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Vitvitskiy in fotoracconti the US President for national security Affairs John Bolton. Archival photoThe USA is not planning military action against Iran, Bolton said© RIA Novosti / Alexei Vitvitskiy the image Bank

Advisor to the President for homeland security John Bolton said that the US has no plans for military action against Iran if the country will emerge from the agreement on its nuclear program.

«This is not in our plans. The President does not believe that Iran plans to withdraw from the deal,» he told reporters, answering a question whether the U.S. military option in the event that if Iran will be released from the agreement.

Bolton also added that he believes that Iran presently complies with the provisions of the transaction. «I think we’ve seen impressive evidence that they have gone beyond the limits of the transaction in a certain way. I do not exclude that they violate her in such a way that we just don’t know,» he said.

Iran and «six» of international mediators (Russia, USA, Britain, China, France, Germany) July 14, 2015 reaching an agreement on the settlement of the longstanding problem of the Iranian atom: adopted a Joint comprehensive plan of action (SVPD), which was removed from Iran’s previously imposed economic and financial sanctions by the UN security Council, US and EU.

The President of the United States Donald trump announced in may that Washington is out of agreement with Iran on its nuclear program. He also reported the return of all sanctions against Iran including secondary, that is, against other countries doing business with Iran. Once again, the U.S. has enacted on August 7 some of the sanctions against Iran. More substantial sanctions, which will cover the export of oil, entered into force 5 Nov. Washington has said it aims to bring Iranian oil exports down to zero and urged its customers to abandon such purchases.

The USA is not planning military action against Iran, Bolton said© RIA Novosti, Infographicsrussia against Iran