Trump called the perpetrators of the forest fires in California

© REUTERS / Carlos Maggipinto USA Donald trump. Archival photoTrump called the perpetrators of the forest fires in California© REUTERS / Carlos Barria

The President of the United States Donald trump blamed for forest fires in California on the local authorities and threatened to deprive the state of Federal funding, if the problem of misuse of allocated to disasters, the funds will not be solved.

«The only reason these large-scale fires in California, which bring huge losses in a result of which people die, is bad forest management. Billions of dollars are spent every year, and people continue to die, and all because of poor forest management. Solve the problem immediately, or Federal funds will no longer be,» wrote trump on Twitter.

Forest fire Camp in Northern California began on Thursday, his victims were nine people. The fire covered more than 36 thousand hectares and destroyed nearly 7 thousand buildings, becoming the most destructive in state history.

By far the most destructive in California history was considered a fire Tubbs, also in the North of the state, closer to the coast. It happened in October 2017, covered almost 15 thousand hectares and destroyed more than 5.5 thousand buildings.

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