Czech Prime Minister wants to offer to give poor countries a part of the arms money

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Vitvitskiy in photobacteria-Minister of the Czech Republic Andrew Babish. Archival photoCzech Prime Minister wants to offer to give poor countries a part of the arms money© RIA Novosti / Alexei Vitvitskiy the image Bank

Czech Prime Minister Andrew Babish going on Sunday in Paris to initiate the transfer of the funds spent in the world on armaments to poor countries.

The Czech Prime Minister arrived on Saturday in Paris on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the First world war, which involved the leaders of about 50 countries. Following the ceremonies will be held a plenary meeting of the Forum of peace, where Babish intends to address with this initiative.

«If you look at the enormous amount that stands out in the world on armaments, it is approximately 30 annual budgets of the Czech Republic, specifically around 1750 billion. This huge amount inadvertently leads a person to thinking about why we actually armed and who is our enemy,» said Babish in conversation with its accompanying in the trip of the Czech journalists, which was broadcast on network television.

According to the Prime Minister, about this issue could agree members of the UN security Council. He believes that it would be nice if «at least about half of the spent on arms means, for example, a thousand billion dollars, was better to the needs of people living in poverty who are unable to live as we live in Europe, and that because of this, going far away for a better life in European countries».