In Riga the memorial day for Latvia held a military parade

CC0 / NakNakNak / Riga. Archival photoIn Riga the memorial day for Latvia held a military paradeCC0 / NakNakNak /

About 350 military took part in the parade at the Freedom monument in Riga in honour of Lacplesis Day — memorial day for Latvia, the press service of the defense Ministry.

The Lacplesis day — national holiday of Latvia, it commemorates the Latvian army’s victory over the Western volunteer army (the forces of Bermont-Avalov) November 11, 1919. During the fighting, Latvia has lost 743 soldiers, including 57 officers. The day is named in honor of lāčplēsis, the Latvian folk hero of the epic, symbolizing the bravery of a man who liberates their land from invaders.

As the correspondent of RIA Novosti, despite the cloudy weather, many people gathered in the square at the Freedom monument to watch the parade.

The parade, which, according to the defense Ministry of Latvia, was attended by about 350 military civil guards (militia), the representatives of the border guard, police and fire, led by their brigade commander Zemessardze Ainars Ozolins. A speech to the parade participants and all those present asked the speaker of the Sejm Inara, Murniece. The parade was also attended by Minister of defence Raimonds Bergmanis and commander of the national armed forces Leonid Kalnins.